Elec. Painting Recycling UF Module
Electrodeposition painting UF filtration
MBR Module
UF Module
Low MWCO UF Module
Air/Liquid Separation Module
Household UF Filter
Hollow fiber membrane

Hollow Fiber Membrane
UF Modules
MBR Modules
Household UF Filter
CMF Technology
MBR Waste-water Treatment
Elec. Painting Recycling Device
Waste-water Recycling Device
        Hangzhou H-Filtration Membrane Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd (H-FILTRATION) is registered in State University Science & Technology Development Zone of Zhejiang University, the top six universities in China. H-FILTRATION has focused on the development and production of hollow fiber membrane separation technology and engineering for more than 10 years. ......
 Fund support from China Gov.
 The important project in Hangzhou 2007
 MBR Waste-water Treatment Technology
 UF Recycling Electrophoresis Painting Polymer
 Membrane Separation for Concentration
 Membrane separation for purification and ref
 Water Recycling by Membrane Separation
 Experimental MBR Device
 200m3/d Municipal waste-water treatment by MBR
 180m3/d Food industrial waste-water MBR Treatment
 100m3/d Livestock breeding Farm MBR System
 200m3/d Chemical Waste-water Treatment by MBR
 10-200m3/d waste-water recycling by MBR
 4-10m3/d MBR for Car-washing-water Recycling

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